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Tandoori Specials

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    • Tandoori Chicken

      Tandoori Chicken

      $ 10.95

      Dieter's Delight, Spring Chicken marinated in yoghurt, freshly ground mild spices and lemon juice, cooked in Tandoor

    • Chicken Tikka

      Chicken Tikka

      $ 12.95

      Tender boneless pieces of chicken subtly flavored with mild spices and barbecued on a skewer in Tandoor

    • Tandoori Fish

      Tandoori Fish

      $ 15.95
    • Paneer Tikka

      Paneer Tikka

      $ 10.95

      Home made cottage cheese cooked in clay oven

    • Chicken Kebab (each)

      Chicken Kebab (each)

      $ 2.00

      Chicken pieces & spices cooked on a skewer

    • Tandoori Shrimp

      Tandoori Shrimp

      $ 18.95

      Marinated tiger shrimp cooked in Tandoor and served on a sizzling platter with onion and lemon